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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Community YouthMapping

Academy for Educational Development/Center for Youth Development and Policy Research (n.d.). Community YouthMapping Web site. Retrieved from

Community YouthMapping, a project of the Academy for Educational Development/Center for Youth Development and Policy Research, has young people scout their neighborhoods in search of places to go and things to do. Young people, called "mappers", canvass their neighborhoods using a survey tool to gather baseline information on the resources available in their communities for young people, children, and families.

Coordinated by a local public-private-nonprofit partnership and led by a local community-based institution, the Community YouthMapping effort is a way to mobilize youth and adults to find resources and opportunities for youth. In many cities, young people using YouthMapping have identified a host of resources that may not be found in traditional directories. YouthMapping is also a way to identify gaps in available resources.


MY TURN (Massachusetts Youth Teenage Unemployment Reduction Network), Inc.

Massachusetts Youth Teenage Unemployment Reduction Network, Inc. (n.d.). MY TURN, Inc. Web site. Retrieved from

MY TURN, Inc. in Brockton, Massachusetts, aligns various school and community resources into a single service-delivery system for youth. MY TURN, in collaboration with partnering organizations, prepares youth for the future through the identification and development of their skills, goals, and self-confidence by means of career exploration, employment training, and postsecondary planning.

MY TURN, which first opened its doors in 1984, was designed as a school-to-work initiative for Brockton High School students. At that time, MY TURN was responsible for placing and assisting 250 high school seniors in securing full-time, career-oriented employment after graduation from high school. Since then, MY TURN has worked to align various youth initiatives within the community. MY TURN collaborates with more than 400 area employers, community-based organizations, institutions of higher education, civic leaders, parents, and program alumni to better meet the needs of young people in the community.

The alignment of these resources has expanded opportunities for work-based learning, employment, community service learning projects, referral services, postsecondary education placement, and community support that otherwise would not be possible. MY TURN has worked not only to align youth initiatives within communities, but it also to connect youth to the services they need.


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