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The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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In October 2004, NCSET began facilitating the Technical Assistance Community of Practice on Collecting Postschool Outcome Data on Youth with Disabilities. The mission of the Collecting Postschool Outcome Data on Youth with Disabilities Community of Practice is to create opportunities for participants to learn from each other and experts about how to build state and local capacity to collect data on the postschool outcomes of youth with disabilities and to use this information to improve these policies and practices at the state and local level.

This Community of Practice is now being facilitated by the recently funded National Post-School Outcomes Center. The Community of Practice continues to offer participants two main ways to interact and learn from each other:

  • An e-mail based discussion forum or listserv: To access this section of the community, you must sign up to be a member of the community listserv. Specific communication guidelines and ground rules will be provided once individuals subscribe. To sign up, please go to the National Post-School Outcomes Center Web site.
  • Topical teleconference calls: The teleconference calls, conducted on a regular basis, are often co-hosted with partner organizations, technical assistance network organizations, and other collaborating groups and organizations.These calls provide an opportunity for community members to interact and ask questions of presenters. For more information, please go to the National Post-School Outcomes Center Web site.

Archives of Teleconference Notes (2005)

Notes taken during teleconference calls held while NCSET was facilitating the Community of Practice (during the year 2005) are available for download in either MS Word or PDF, as indicated by the icon.

November 22, 2005
Word documentEmerging Strategies to Collect PSO Data From Students Who Have Dropped Out
Presenter: Loujeania Bost, Director, National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities

October 25, 2005
Word documentHow are states doing on SPP development surrounding Indicator 14?

September 27, 2005
Word documentUsing Postschool Outcome Data for Improvement
Presenters: Eric Fox, New Jersey; Doris Jamison, New York; Cinda Johnson, Washington (See her PowerPoint Presentation)

August 23, 2005
PDF documentSPP/APR 2: Updates on the SPP/APR from the 2005 Summer Institute
See materials shared at the Summer Institute related to the post-school outcome indicator at

July 26, 2005
SPP/APR (State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report) Related to the Post-school Outcome Indicator
Notes not available, however you may download documents referenced during this call: the latest SPP Instructions (Word document) and Measurement Table (Word document) (see Indicator 13).

June 28, 2005
PDF documentUniversity-State Partnerships in Collecting Postschool Outcome Data
Presenters: Lawrence Dennis from the Ohio Department of Education and Bob Baer from Kent State University. See also the PowerPoint Presentation from this teleconference.

May 24, 2005
PDF documentAccessing Other Data Sources
Presenter: Jay Pfeiffer, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Division of Accountability, Research and Measurement, Florida Department of Education. See also the following accompanying documents:

Community Contact

NCSET is no longer the community contact for this Community of Practice. Please visit the National Post-School Outcomes Center Web site for more information on whom to contact.

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