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The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Welcome to the NCSET Technical Assistance Community of Practice on Leveraging Resources. Our mission is to create opportunities for participants to learn from each other and experts about how to build state and community capacity to prepare all youth for successful school completion and postschool roles.

Through this Community, states will learn strategies to create systems linkages that align resources and build mutually beneficial relationships for improved postschool outcomes. As a result, state personnel can improve communication across systems, sustain meaningful relationships, and build the capacity of resources across systems.

This Community provides members and visitors with:

  • a forum to suggest and develop resources, solutions, and materials;
  • opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and problem-solve on topics related to collaboration and resource mapping;
  • opportunities to share best practices for improved collaboration and alignment of resources;
  • access to colleagues, activities, and current events related to collaboration and resource mapping; and
  • links to information on collaboration, team development and resource mapping.

The content and discussion of this Community will focus on:

  • Collaboration: Bringing stakeholders with mutual interests together to exchange information, plan jointly, align resources, and make systems-level decisions.
  • Resource mapping: Resource mapping allows systems to be built around a common purpose using a strategic process or methodology that identifies community capabilities and capacities. Resource mapping reveals the resources and assets of the entire community and highlights the connections among them. Resource mapping focuses on fostering relationships among and between various community agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

E-mail Discussion Forum

One of the basic features of this Community is an e-mail based discussion forum or listserv. This feature - the only closed section of our community of practice - allows members to post questions, comments, and information and to share ideas with other members. We are open to a wide range of information, questions, opinions, requests, and news.

By joining the discussion forum, members can learn from their colleagues and engage in peer-to-peer conversations about their challenges, successes, and lessons learned regarding leveraging resources, collaboration, and resource mapping. This forum will also generate information regarding “best practices” from States.

To access this section of the community, you must sign up to be a member of the community listserv. Specific communication guidelines and groundrules will be provided once individuals subscribe.

To Sign Up

  1. Create an e-mail addressed to
  2. Leave the Subject line blank.
  3. In the Body of the message, type subscribe levresources yourfirstname yourlastname (insert your actual first and last name). Ex. subscribe levresources Jane Doe
  4. Send the message.

You will receive an e-mail requesting you to confirm your subscription request. Watch for this e-mail and respond within 48 hours or else your request will not go through. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Megan Dushin at

Products & Resources

NCSET Publications & Web Topics

Please read the following resources offered by NCSET related to collaboration and resource mapping:

Aligning School and Community Resources (September 2002)
NCSET Web Topic
This topic explores how states and local communities can align and leverage all the resources communities can offer to support youth and young people with disabilities and their families.

Community Resource Mapping: A Strategy for Promoting Successful Transition for Youth with Disabilities (April 2003)
NCSET Information Brief  • Volume 2, Issue 1
This brief introduces a dynamic process for creating synergistic community collaboration among those concerned with youth development, and for maximizing the community's human and financial resources that support youth. The brief includes a detailed explanation of Community Resource Mapping, a list of the benefits of mapping, examples of mapping efforts, whom to contact information for further information, plus related resources.

Connecting Employers, Schools, and Youth Through Intermediaries (December 2002)
NCSET Issue Brief  • Volume  1,  Issue  3
This brief, written for secondary educators, employers, and disability service providers, addresses the primary issues in promoting the participation of employers in work-based learning experiences for youth with disabilities. In addition, it outlines strategies for how employers can more effectively engage youth with disabilities by working with intermediary organization.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources related to leveraging resources.

Tools to Conduct a Workshop on Community Resource Mapping
The following materials were developed by TransCen, Inc. and may be used to facilitate a Resource Mapping Workshop in your State. You are welcome to use these materials as they suit your needs, however please credit the authors - Kelli Crane and Marianne Mooney of TransCen, Inc. - and NCSET.

Calendar of Events

Visit the NCSET Events Calendar for a listing of teleconference calls and other technical assistance events relating to resource mapping.

Community Contacts

This community of practice is facilitated by staff from TransCen, Inc., a partner of NCSET. For more information, contact:

Kelli Crane
TransCen, Inc.

Marianne Mooney
TransCen, Inc.
301-424-2002 ext. 233

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