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NCSET: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Proceedings of NCSET institute held on October 29-30, 2001 in Washington, DC

Creating Youth Development Systems that Include Youth with Disabilities

October 29-30, 2001
Washington, DC

About this institute . . .

The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET) hosted a Capacity Building Institute on Creating Youth Develpment Systems that Include Youth with Disabilities, October 29-30, 2001, at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

NCSET staff designed this institute because youth with disabilities continue to lag behind their non-disabled peers in high school completion, postsecondary enrollment, gainful employment, and independent living. Moreover, generic youth-serving systems struggle with how to effectively allow access to youth with disabilities as well as how to serve those already in the system who may have hidden disabilities such as emotional or learning disabilities. This underscores the need not only to align and coordinate services for youth with disabilities, but also to ensure equal access and full participation in generic systems that serve the needs of all youth. The process of mapping and aligning various youth initiatives will allow communities to develop systems that meet the needs of all youth, rather than targeting funds and services based on narrowly defined eligibility criteria.

This institute was an opportunity for key community stakeholders in education, workforce development, and disability services to examine how to better align the various youth development investment systems so that all youth, including those with disabilities, are better prepared for promising careers and postsecondary options. This purpose was met by working with individual stakeholders to identify challenges and discuss potential strategies for aligning the various youth-serving systems in order to maximize their effectiveness and impact on all youth in their communities.

The two-day institute featured a keynote presentation by J. D. Hoye—president of Keep the Change, Inc., and former director of the National School-to-Work Office—and other expert sessions on aligning resources to develop comprehensive youth investment systems. In addition, throughout the institute, participants were organized into communities of learning to examine what is working and not working in the current youth system, develop a community vision for serving youth, identify community resource and services for youth, identify gaps in services for youth, and identify partners for developing a broad youth system. The purpose of these group dialogues was to allow participants to “sample” the resource mapping process.

In the following proceedings you will find the institute agenda; a one-page overview of the institute purpose, guiding questions, and intended outcomes; and a summary of the institute. This summary highlights the general expert sessions as well as various group dialogues (within the boxed sections). At the end of the summary, you will also find biographical information for the speakers.

Richard Luecking, President
TransCen, Inc.

Mary Mack, Associate Director
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

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