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Additional Funding and Award Opportunities Listed in Past Issues

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Project Ignition
The National Youth Leadership Council® and State Farm® are offering $2,000 Project Ignition grants for public high school students and teachers to address teen driver safety through service-learning. Car crashes are the number one cause of death for adolescents., a staggering statistic that young people, in partnership with their teachers and community, can change through Project Ignition, by creating awareness and engagement campaigns. Twenty-five schools will be chosen to implement their campaigns from January 2012 to April 2012. The ten best will be selected to receive an additional $5,000 to support their participation in a national conference or event, and could also receive an additional $2,500 to go deeper with their campaigns during the 2012-2013 school year. Applications are due November 15, 2011.

William T. Grant Foundation Offers Support for Research Projects Addressing Youth Social Settings
The William T. Grant Foundation, which supports research to understand and improve the everyday settings of youth, ages 8-25, in the United States, is accepting Letters of Inquiry for its Investigator Initiated Grants program. The program is designed to support research projects that address the foundation’s current research interests: enhancing understanding of how youth social settings work, how they affect youth development, and how they can be improved; and when, how, and under what conditions research evidence is used in policy and practice that affect youth, and how its use can be improved. Applicants must be employed at a nonprofit institution, in the U.S. or abroad. Projects must address issues of compelling relevance for theory, policy, and/or practice affecting the settings of youth ages 8-25 in the U.S.; and reflect high standards of evidence and rigorous methods. Investigator-initiated grants usually range from $100,000 to $600,000 for projects of two to three years. Deadline for Letters of Inquiry: January 5, 2012

CVS Caremark: Community Grants
CVS Caremark Community Grants give funds to nonprofit organizations for programs targeting children with disabilities, programs focusing on health and rehabilitation services, public schools promoting a greater level of inclusion in student activities and extracurricular programs, and initiatives that give greater access to physical movement and play, as well as some contributions to organizations that provide uninsured individuals with needed care, in particular programs where the care received is of higher quality and delivered by providers who participate in accountable community health care programs. Maximum award: $5,000. Eligibility: nonprofit organizations with programs targeting children with disabilities; public schools with programs for children under age 18 with disabilities. Deadline: October 31, 2011.

New Leaders for New Schools: Aspiring Principals Program
New Leaders for New Schools is accepting applications for candidates who meet their selection criteria (listed on their website) and want to lead change for children in low-income communities by becoming urban public school principals. Candidates should have a record of success in leading adults, expertise in K-12 teaching and learning, a relentless drive to lead an excellent urban school, and an unyielding belief in the potential of every child to achieve academically at high levels. Eligibility: a minimum of 2-3 years of successful K-12 instruction experience; a teaching certificate preferred. This application is for candidates who are not currently in a school-based instructional or instructional leadership role and do not work in a district, charter management organization (CMO), or city that is offering the Emerging Leaders Program. Applications will be reviewed after each of the mini-deadlines of October 13 and December 1, 2011, with a final deadline of February 7, 2012.

Open Society Foundations’ Youth Initiative Seeks Proposals to Curate Web Pages at
The Open Society Foundations’ Youth Initiative seeks proposals from NGOs for up to $10,000 to develop and curate thematic pages on, an online youth portal and community. The Web site aims to consolidate knowledge and information on youth policies across the world. Potential themes for Web site pages:, Participation and Citizenship, Activism and Volunteering, Children and Youth Rights, Global Drug Policy, Community Work, Research and Knowledge, Informal Learning, Environment and Sustainability, Multiculturalism and Minorities, Justice, etc. Proposals must outline how the theme will be addressed, how content will be produced on a regular basis, how and how many contributing authors and bloggers will be involved, and how users interested in the theme will be driven to and engaged at the site. Organizations seeking funding must be registered NGOs. Grants will not be made to individuals or for-profit entities. Proposals must be submitted in English and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Sandra Day O'Connor and Verizon Foundation National Civics Contest for Students
Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the Verizon Foundation have launched a national contest for middle schools, Civic Impact Challenge, to help renew the teaching of civic engagement by using iCivics (an online education project that O’Connor spearheaded) to teach middle and high-school students civics, including their rights and responsibilities as citizens, and the workings of the U.S. government. The Civic Impact Challenge contest is open to U.S. classrooms, grades 5-12. Classes participating can earn “impact points” by playing any of the 14 civics games in the iCivics curriculum and cover such topics as civil rights, how a bill becomes a law, and the role of local government. The class that earns the most points between October 3 and November 30, 2011, will win a VGo telepresence robot and receive a virtual visit from O’Connor. After the contest, students can donate their earned impact points to benefit a variety of community projects run by other youth, connecting their classroom civic education to real-world civic participation. Deadline: November 30, 2011

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Invites Entries from Creative Teens
The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing the most talented teen artists and writers in the United States and Canada, is calling for entries for the 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Creative teens in grades 7-12 are invited to submit work in 28 categories of art and writing. Student submissions are judged on the regional level by the alliance’s affiliates, and the top winning works are presented to national panels of creative leaders for consideration for the top honors. Fifteen graduating high school seniors will be awarded Portfolio Gold Medals, which include a $10,000 scholarship. Additional scholarships are made available to Portfolio Silver Medalists. To be eligible, students must be in grades 7-12 in a public, private, parochial, home-school, or out-of-school program in the U.S. or Canada, or in an American school abroad. Deadlines for submitting work vary by region and range from December 15, 2011, through January 15, 2012.

State Farm/NYLC: Project Ignition
State Farm and the National Youth Leadership Council are sponsoring Project Ignition, which funds programs that give high school students and their teachers the chance to work together to address the issue of teen driver safety. Maximum award: $2,000. Eligibility: students grades 9-12. Deadline: November 15, 2011.

USGA/Alliance: Grants for the Good of the Game
The National Alliance for Accessible Golf (Alliance) and the United States Golf Association (USGA), believing golf should be open to everyone, support a wide variety of programs that create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in the sport. They especially encourage inclusive programming – opportunities that allow participants with disabilities and participants without disabilities to learn and play the game side by side. Maximum award: $20,000. Eligibility: tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as defined under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code or government entities such as public schools or municipalities. Deadline: rolling.

American School Board/Sodexo: Magna Awards
The American School Board/Sodexo Magna Awards honor outstanding programs developed or supported by school boards that showcase school district leadership, creativity, and commitment to student achievement. Maximum award: $4,000. Eligibility: local school boards. Deadline: October 31, 2011.

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