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NCSET: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Secondary School Teachers: Apply to the Toyota International Teacher Program
The Toyota International Teacher Program for Costa Rica Study will send 20 secondary school teachers to Costa Rica from February 24-March 7, 2008 on a fully-funded study program. The Program seeks to provide educators with the opportunity to observe, interact with, and understand Costa Rican communities and their efforts to preserve their environment and culture in a rapidly-modernizing global society. U.S. secondary school teachers with at least three years of full-time teaching experience are eligible to apply. Application deadline: September 7, 2007.

Youth: Enter Samsung’s Hope for Education Essay Contest
The winner of the Samsung and Microsoft Hope for Education Essay Contest will receive up to $200,000 in Samsung electronics and Microsoft educational software for his/her school. Entrants must provide an original, sincere, no more than 100-word essay answering the following question: “What is the single most significant benefit that technology can provide in the classroom?” Entrants must be legal residents of the 50 U.S. states or the District of Columbia, and minors must obtain parent/guardian’s consent. Entry deadline: July 22, 2007.

OSERS Seeks Comments on IDEA Personnel Development Performance Report Info Collection
The U.S. Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) invites comments on the following proposed information collection request: Performance Report: Personnel Development for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Interested persons are invited to submit comments on or before June 26, 2007.

Submit a Manuscript to the Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice
The Journal of Youth Development: Bridging Research and Practice is a resource for youth development researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. This multidisciplinary, online, refereed journal is published three times a year by the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents and focuses on the development of school-aged youth through the transition to adulthood (ages 6-22). It is especially seeking papers in the following categories: Research and Evaluation Strategy Articles—1,000 word articles describing innovative methodologies and strategies in the collection and analysis of quantitative or qualitative research and evaluation data; and Resource Reviews—300 word reviews of resources and tools for youth development professionals.

Youth/Young Adults with Autism and their Family Members: Take a Survey on the Public School’s Role in Employment Preparation for Individuals with Autism
This 10-minute Web-based survey is part of a study being conducted by Dr. Tom Simmons and Judith S. Marco at the University of Louisville. The purpose of the study is to provide information regarding the major components and settings in a high school curriculum that lead to employment for individuals with autism. The survey includes questions on the student with autism’s experience in the public high school system and his/her present or past employment.

Nominate a Business, Organization, or Individual for the New Freedom Initiative Award
U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao invites nominations for the 2007 Secretary of Labor’s New Freedom Initiative Awards. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals who have made exemplary and innovative efforts to enhance employment opportunities for workers with disabilities are eligible. Self-nominations are encouraged. The nomination deadline has been extended to May 31, 2007.

People with Vision Loss: Share Your Cell-Phone Related Difficulties
Tara Annis, an intern with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), is compiling a list of persons with vision loss who have had difficulty obtaining and using cell phones. AFB is considering filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about lack of upholding Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act, which requires that cell phone manufacturers and service providers do all that is readily achievable to make each product or service accessible. If you have an experience to share, contact Tara at 1-888-824-2184 or

Submit a Proposal for the National Center for Education Statistics Data Conference
The National Center for Education Statistics’ annual Data Conference is an opportunity for professional networking, updates on federal and national activities affecting data collection and reporting, and information about the best new approaches in collecting, reporting, and using education statistics. The Conference will provide information about changes in how the U.S. Department of Education collects and uses data, and developments in electronic data standards for schools, districts, and states. Presentation proposals on the following topics are sought: statewide longitudinal data systems, encouraging data use for instructional improvement, quality assurance strategies, and interoperability. Proposal submission deadline: May 18, 2007.

Young Artists with Disabilities Ages 16-25: Enter National Juried Exhibition
U.S. artists ages 16-25 with physical, cognitive, or mental disabilities are invited to enter a national juried exhibition, sponsored by VSA arts and Volkswagen of America. Fifteen prizes ranging in value from $2,000-$20,000 will be awarded. Both representational and abstract work is welcome. This year’s theme is: “What moves you to create? Can you pinpoint a force that motivates you to express your artistic vision? Is there a particular catalyst or compulsion that sustains your creative energy?” Entry deadline: July 6, 2007.

Young Disability Activists: Complete a Survey on Future Directions for the Disability Rights Movement
A group of young disability activists is working on a presentation for the National Council on Independent Living conference, where they will share youths’ ideas for future directions for the Disability Rights Movement. To gather those ideas, they’ve created a brief (10-25 minutes) Web survey for young disability activists. E-mail if you have any questions about the survey or if you want to be part of an upcoming conference call to talk more about disability culture and disability community. Survey completion deadline: May 20, 2007.

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